values your privacy, so prepare this privacy policy to let you know when information is stored, how it is processed and what is disclosed to other entities. Although is not an American body, the privacy policy is in line with the guidelines of the US Department of Export and also complies with the requirements of Israeli law and the European Directive.

What identifying information do we keep about you?
We retain identifiable information about you, including username, real name, email address, phone number (s), and other information that you provide to us from time to time.

What non-identifying information do we keep about you?
We also store non-personally identifiable information based on your activities, such as websites that referred you to us, and additional information we will receive from you, provided we inform you in detail of such collection or retention.

How do we process information about you?
We will process the information that will pass through the service and use it according to your requests, we also use the information cumulatively to display advertisements or content, where we may process the information in additional ways which we will notify you.

Do we keep cookies in service?
A cookie is a file that is stored on your computer and allows the website to identify you or verify your identity. No, our service does not use cookies. .

Who else has access to the information?
We provide access to the information only to our employees, who are under a strict commitment to confidentiality, can access some of your personal information, as well as to third parties that you have expressly authorized them to pass on this information.

How will we contact you?
We may send you advertisements from time to time, and we may also contact you if we feel your account has been compromised or for service related reasons.

Can you change or delete the information?
We respect your privacy and you can always use our management system to review and correct any personal information or remove it, if necessary, feel free to contact us for any further questions.

How should you act if you feel your privacy has been violated?
If you feel your privacy has been violated, you can always contact our Privacy Officer, by email or by contacting us and filing a complaint. The e-mail address of the privacy officer is:

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